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Online Safety

Park Primary ICT Code of Conduct

As part of our curriculum, we encourage pupils to make use of educational resources available on the internet.

Safeguarding our children is of the utmost importance. To guard against accidental access to inappropriate materials, Park Primary accesses the internet by means of Argyll and Bute Council’s filtered service.

Please remember that Facebook is for those aged 13+  and it is inappropriate for pupils to try to add teachers as friends.

You should:

  • always follow the instructions of your teacher
  • keep any username and password a secret
  • only use the internet when there is an adult in the room
  • always be nice and polite when you send messages to other users
  • always tell your teacher if you see, hear or read anything which makes you feel uncomfortable while using the internet
  • always close down computers or iPads properly, following your teacher’s instructions
  • switch off your mobile phone as soon as you enter school grounds, keep it in your bag, and only switch it on when you leave school grounds
  • only bring your own iPad , tablet or games console to school with the permission of your teacher

You should never:

  • send anyone a message which is not nice
  • use bad language in a message
  • pretend to be another person
  • set up accounts in another person’s name
  • send a photo of yourself to anyone
  • take a photo of another pupil/teacher without their permission
  • tell a stranger your name, your home address, your telephone number or any other personal information about yourself or any of your friends.

Online Advice for Children