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Park Primary turns 50!


Our school was opened in May 1973, and we wanted to celebrate Park’s impact on the whole community over the last 50 years.

A big thank you to Colin Campbell for helping to kick off our celebrations with some fantastic photos taken with his drone. We are so lucky to have such kind friends of Park.

Pupils celebrated 50 years by learning about the history of Park through fun and engaging events, for example, a “Through the Decades” show for pupils, a Crazy Clan Games Day, and contributing to our Community Fete and Exhibition organised by our fantastic Parent Council.

Pupils worked hard with local artist, Paul Gent, to create four stunning commemorative murals. Paul took inspiration from the local area, old travel posters, and the work of David McKee to create outlines for all the children to paint. Paul recently moved to Oban with his family and is delighted to be supporting his daughter’s school in this way. The murals were the  backdrop to our Memories of Park Exhibition  as part of our 50th anniversary fete in May.  We were overwhelmed by the support we received from our local community and a special thank you to everyone who came along and helped us all take a walk down memory lane by sharing their photos, memories and stories.


Our proactive and dedicated Parent Council secured substantial lottery funding to help us host a 50th Celebration Community Fete.  We would like to express a special thanks to our Parent Council for securing this funding and for coordinating our 50th anniversary celebration. It was important to us when organising this event that we made it as inclusive as possible, and the lottery community fund helped us do so.  The active involvement of our Clan leaders and Pupil Council provided pupils with hands-on organisational experiences and community engagement opportunities.  The fundraising success, raising over £4400 through raffles and pupil stalls, showcased the collaborative spirit and dedication of our school community.