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Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee meet regularly to discuss our projects and the pupils report back to all the classes and gather their views for the next meeting. 

2023-2024 Eco Committee

Finn          Blythe        Lauren          Innes C         Hallie         Ben M         Olivia M         Nuala                  

In January 2022, we were awarded our 9th Green Flag Award which recognises our achievements towards a sustainable lifestyle. Thank you to the members of the Eco Committee for their commitment, to Mrs Lane for her enthusiasm and skillful leadership and all pupils, staff and parents for their contribution to the development of global citizenship and sustainability in our school. This award has to be renewed every 2 years and the school has to show steady progress during that time. Events such as Apple Day, Earth Hour, Energy Week and Fairtrade Fortnight are all part of the school calendar. The school works with local businesses and partners such as Tesco, Seafood Scotland, the Sea Life Centre, GRAB Trust, MCS, WWF and our local MP and councillor. 

Here is our feedback from Hendrika at Eco-Schools Scotland:

Congratulations to everyone at Park Primary School for achieving your 9th Eco-Schools Scotland Green Flag Award!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your application and learning about the fantastic work you have carried out during this journey. We appreciate how challenging these times have been and celebrate that you were able to keep your Eco-Schools work going on despite all. You have covered all Seven Elements of the Eco-Schools programme.

Despite the restrictions that have been in place, staff and students have shown commitment and determination in completing your planned actions. Well done. Displaying food mileage visually has been a great way of showing pupils where their foods come from and how far it travels. By raising awareness of the impact food mileage has on the climate the pupils gained a better understanding of the importance of buying locally. It is good to see that through these actions the nursery now orders their weekly snacks from a local supplier.

Monitoring the pupils snack consumption has helped encourage the pupils to consider healthier snacks and this is a good way of addressing Health and Wellbeing.

I hope the Eco-Committee receives a positive reply regarding their petition to replace single use plastic cutlery to reusable.

Well done, for achieving your Fair Achiever School Award.

Your Biodiversity actions have helped the pupils enhance their knowledge of local wildlife and what attracts them to these areas. It is nice to see that the Nursery has created their own herb and flower garden, this should help increase biodiversity and is a great starting point to explore and discover Biodiversity. It would be nice to hearing about this in a future journey.

What a nice initiative of adopting an endangered animal with the money raised from the Christmas fair. 

I loved learning that the school has an adopted a beach and that your monthly litter picks have made a reduction in the amount of litter found at the beach. This should have a positive effect on marine life, the local flora and fauna and people’s Health and Wellbeing.

The whole school projects on COP26 have helped the pupils enhance their understanding of sustainability and climate change and how they can contribute to the solutions.

The pupils have shown commitment and determination throughout the Eco-Schools journey this should help them to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens, and effective contributors.

Please, be aware that since August 2021 the topics of Litter and Waste Minimisation have merged into one, and we have introduced the new topic of Climate Action.

Keep up the outstanding work and a big congratulations again to Park Primary School from everyone at Eco-Schools Scotland!