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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Our Vision

Our Vision in Park Primary School, we have a shared vision to ensure our school is a happy place, a healthy place, a safe place, and a place where children are excited to learn.

our values







our aims

In Park Primary we aim to:

– Encourage pupils to have a positive attitude towards learning

– Work closely with our parents and the community

– Be a place where everyone is included

– Help pupils develop skills for learning, life and work

– Foster healthy and active lifestyles

– Ensure pupils feel supported in their life and learning

– Encourage everyone to show their skills and talents

– Be eco-friendly

– Be fair and caring

– Ensure learning is active

– Encourage pupils to take the lead


– Encourage and listen to pupil voice

individuals, roles and responsibilities

All Staff

Staff are responsible for:

· Implementing the behaviour policy consistently

· Modelling positive behaviour

· Ensuring a consistent approach is used

· Providing a personalised approach to the specific behavioural needs of particular pupils

· Recording serious behaviour incidents

· The Leadership Team and Wellbeing support worker will support staff in responding to behaviour incidents.


· Participate in rule setting

· Understand and practise responsibilities

· Try new things with a positive attitude

· Arrive at school ready to learn

Parents / Caregivers

· Support their child in adhering to our School Rules

· Inform the school of any changes in circumstances that may affect their child’s behaviour

· Discuss any behavioural concerns with the class teacher promptly

· Read and understand Park School’s Behaviour Management Policy

· Support Park School in the delivery of the policy.

Click here to read our Positive Behaviour Policy.

our rules