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Argyll and Bute’s Anti-Bullying Policy may be viewed at:

Children and young people who feel cared for and valued are much more likely to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. In Park Primary and in our Early Learning and Childcare Centre we want our children to feel safe and secure and able to build positive relationships with their peers and with adults. To do this we must provide a supportive environment that promotes mutual respect. Bullying behaviour can seriously affect this. Bullying does not build character – trust, acceptance and mutual respect build character. We must all be positive role models and seek to prevent bullying behaviour.

At Park we aim to:

  • promote respectful relationships between staff, between staff and parents, staff and children and amongst children;
  • stop any bullying as quickly as possible;
  • raise awareness and prevent bullying behaviour;
  • provide appropriate support and intervention to all those involved to limit the impact of bullying behaviour.
To view our Anti-Bullying policy, please click here.