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During session 2017/18, we conducted an enquiry into the benefits of homework. Through this enquiry, we collated the views of parents, pupils and teaching staff, and investigated whether homework increased attainment. Following the results of this study, and in consultation with the Parent Council, it was decided that homework should be a choice for families. 

In order to accommodate this, your child’s teacher will send information home regarding your child’s weekly learning in class. Alongside this, suggestions of activities will be provided e.g. links to games to practise skills. This way, you have a choice as to how much additional learning you want to do with your child, and you can organise this around your child’s extra-curricular activities, family events etc. Your child will not need to submit work to their teacher. 

We must stress that reading homework will continue to be set as this is an integral part of your child’s education and we ask that you continue to encourage your child to complete their set reading homework each night.

At Park Primary School, we send home learning activities and suggestions to parents via email or the Xpressions app. Please click here for further information.

For further information on the Homework Enquiry that was conducted, please click on the image below.