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Our School Ethos

In our school we are committed to providing appropriate opportunities for the development of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural values through both the ethos and the curriculum. This will be undertaken in partnership with parents/carers and will take account of the individual needs of pupils and the views of parents/carers.

At Park Primary our fundamental aim is to provide a learning environment in which children are happy, safe and realise their full potential, enabling them to become:

Successful Learners who are able to:

  • use literacy, communication and numeracy skills
  • use technology for learning
  • think creatively and independently
  • learn independently and as part of a group
  • make reasoned evaluations
  • link and apply different kinds of learning in new situations

Effective contributors who are able to:

  • communicate in different ways and in different settings
  • solve problems
  • work in partnership and teams
  • take initiative and lead
  • apply critical thinking in new contexts
  • create and develop knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes

Responsible citizens who are able to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of the world and of the citizen’s contribution to society
  • understand different beliefs and cultures
  • make informed choices and decisions
  • evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues
  • develop informed, ethical views of complex issues

Confident individuals who strive to:

  • relate to others and manage themselves
  • pursue a healthy and active lifestyle
  • be self aware
  • develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world
  • live as independently as they can
  • assess risk and take informed decisions
  • achieve success in different areas of activity

It is our firm belief that these aims are best achieved by means of a real partnership between home and school. Therefore we hope you will feel free to contact the school at any time for information, help or reassurance. We will always be pleased to hear from you.

Our school welcomes and encourages diversity and individuality, while emphasizing our common commitment to moral values such as honesty, respect for others, compassion and justice. Fundamental principles of our school are that all who are involved in the life of our school have the right to be respected as individuals and carry the responsibility to act in a considerate and respectful manner towards others. We are firmly committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability.

School and Community Links

The school has forged strong links with the community through the work of our Eco Committee, business links and community helpers for a variety of activities. 

Park Primary School have adopted the local Esplanade beach and undertake beach cleans and litter surveys throughout the year. This information is shared with The Marine Conservation Society. 

We have also had Fairtrade Schools’ accreditation for 12 years, reflecting our commitment to this campaign.

Celebrating Achievement

Children work hardest when they know their work will be appreciated and praised. All staff encourage pupils at all times and in all activities to give their best. Their effort may be rewarded verbally by praise, or non-verbally by a smiley face or sticker.

The whole school celebrates achievement by giving certificates to award pupils for good work, effort or kindness shown to others. Teachers regularly send pupils to the Head Teacher to show their progress in all areas of the curriculum, and this effort is praised and rewarded.