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School Meals

School Dinners

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to providing healthy, nutritious, good value meal options to pupils in our primary and secondary schools and a school meal is available in almost all of our schools, with the exception of Iona and Ulva primaries. We encourage healthy eating and school lunches are planned so that children can choose a well-balanced meal and a good selection of bread, vegetables, fresh fruit, fruit juice and milk are available daily.

Our Primary school lunch offer is a two course menu with a choice of main meal, and will be either a starter and a main course, or a main course and a dessert. The menu runs on a four week cycle, so that there is plenty of choice for pupils. Fruit and yogurt will be available daily as a dessert option. Water, and a selection of bread and salad are also provided every day. Some larger schools may have baked potatoes available every day.

All pupils in Primary 1 – Primary 5 are entitled to a free school meal.

For pupils in Primary 6 and 7, the current cost for a two-course school meal is £2.30. 

Milk is now available FOR ALL free of charge.

The Primary school menu is revised twice per year, typically in October and in March. The menu is designed largely by pupils, through consultation with them. Argyll and Bute Council run a programme of Pupil Focus Groups, to ensure that pupils are able to contribute to the menu’s development, and it also gives them an understanding of having a balanced choice.

Allergy information for our school menus is available online and in each school kitchen. You can find out the allergens contained in every dish, and by clicking on the links for each meal you can also find out the recipe used, full ingredients and nutritional information. These are available via If your child has a food allergy, please contact the school office in the first instance so that any necessary arrangements can be put in place.

A vegetarian meal option is available every day, and many dishes can be altered to accommodate other special diets where this is required. Where possible, other non-medical special diets may be accommodated; please contact the Food and Nutrition Officer for more information.

You can find the up-to-date menu below or on Argyll and Bute’s website page.

More information on Free School Meals eligibility can be found on our school website by clicking here.

2023/24 School Menu  
Starting Tuesday 15th August (Week 1)

Or, alternatively,
download your own copy
by clicking on
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School Menu 2023/4

Special Dietary Requirements

Please inform the school if your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies so that this information can be passed onto the school kitchen. This is done via a specific form that is filled out by parents and passed to the school kitchen.

Packed Lunches

Some pupils prefer a packed lunch and it is the Authority’s policy to provide facilities for the consumption of packed lunches in all schools where these are required. We believe a well-balanced packed lunch with a tasty alternative to chocolate biscuits and sweets is very important, although one small treat per day does no harm! Dates, raisins, sultanas, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and seasonal fruit could provide healthy alternatives. Unflavoured milk and water are the ideal drinks for teeth and a pure fruit drink or mineral water is better than drinks with high sugar content.

Sandwiches often form a major part of a packed lunch. Fillings for sandwiches should be chosen with care because the packed lunch will be stored in a warm classroom for a number of hours. It is therefore advisable to use a cool bag and ice pack and choose fillings that are less likely to be affected, e.g. cheese and tomato, salad, egg and tomato. An alternative to sandwiches could be cooked pasta with a variety of fruit or vegetables and a suitable dressing. Occasionally a piece of quiche or pizza could be included.

The school aims to encourage children to enjoy food which is both attractive to them and nutritionally sound, whether this is a school meal, a packed lunch or a snack. We would appreciate your support in achieving this aim.