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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Good behaviour is essential to good learning. The general aim of the school is to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and collective responsibility. Pupils, parents/carers and staff all have an important part to play in producing and sustaining this positive ethos. The rules of the school are of a common sense nature, bearing in mind the interest and safety of all concerned.

Our school rules are as follows:-

  • Walk quietly and sensibly around the school.
  • Keep your hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.
  • Stay off the pitch when it is not your day.
  • Take care of school equipment, dining hall, property and grounds.
  • Behave in the toilets.
  • Remember to be polite to everyone.
  • Listen to the monitors and do as they ask.
  • Keep chewing gum at home.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off whilst at school or in school grounds.
  • Be safe and sensible when travelling to and from school on the bus.

It’s cool to help at school!

These rules were decided by the Clan Committee after consultation with the whole school community. Please click the image below to view our Promoting Positive Behaviour policy.


Our Positive Behaviour Policy was designed to afford every child guidance in making good decisions about their behaviour and thus providing an opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing school environment. Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for their growth, and together we can make a difference in the process.

To encourage children to follow rules, we support appropriate behaviour with verbal recognition, awards at assembly, clan points and positive notes and phone calls home.

Pupils agreed that Funtime Friday will be used as a reward for good behaviour and positive attitudes.