Parent Council

Members of our Parent Council:


Mike Faulkner 

Gill Spink

Louise Blue

Joan Malloch

Gillian Carney

Peter Darling 

Ilona MacLaurin






Moira Logan (Chair), Julie Faulkner (Secretary), Lisa Danks, Alison Kennedy, Sidonia Brunold-Davis, Helen Lawson


Elaine Tosh, Emma Boyle, Tracey Campbell, Emily MacDonald

1.Proposed future use of funds

Alison raised the issue of the poor state of the playground surface which is in need of resurfacing.  P7/6 recently wrote letters to the Council about this and 2 Councillors visited the school and agreed to resurface some areas of playground.  Alison proposed that if we could match the cost it would be possible to resurface more of the playground. It was also agreed that this would be a very beneficial use of some of the funds and a worthy project to raise funds towards.


Alison would try to establish costs for this work and to find out who the Lead Officer is in order to take this forward.

2.Halloween Disco

For P5-7.  (P1-4 will have Valentine’s Disco).  Date to be confirmed.  Possibly Tuesday 30th October, or if not, Thursday 25th October. Entrance fee £2.50, £1.00 for crisps, drink and sweetie.Glow sticks will be sold.


Alison to check with Gillian about using the school on Tues 30th October, and if not we will go for Thurs 25th October

Lisa to check current school stock of glow sticks in case we need to purchase more.

Julie to check prices of crisps, and sweets at Bookers and share with the group on WhatsApp.

Sidonia to check prices of crisps, sweets and Quench Cups at Farm Foods for comparison.

3.Christmas Fair

Need to agree the date avoiding Panto dates and dates of other events.  Need to check with Gillian about the date.

Staff in the kitchen need food hygiene certificates.

Raffle tickets to be printed early and go home with the children in school bags.

Entrance fee adults £2.50, children £1.50.

Possible auction – worthy prizes to be sourced.

Possibly have a donation stand – for cash donations towards the re-surfacing of the school playground.


Moira to check what food hygiene certificate is needed to be helping in the kitchen.


Alison/Lisa to discuss and agree the date with Gillian.


Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 6th November, 6.30pm.

Future Agenda Items – Christmas Fair Planning, Valentine’s Disco, Spring Fair and Sports Day.