Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision, Values and Aims were updated once again last session.

Our newly formed Clan Committees worked together to ensure our VVA was child-friendly. Our pupils have decided that the vision for Park Primary School was to be an excellent school.

In consultation with our committee members, a Primary 7 pupil created a visual representation of our VVA so that it is accessible to all. Our Acting DHT then turned her drawing into a digital drawing which will be sent home to parents next session to ask for feedback. Once approved, the plan at the beginning of next session is to have our VVA poster printed and displayed in all classes, the ELCC and our school foyer. This will ensure that all our pupils and families are aware of our VVA and what it means for them.

Our visual representation shows our Vision in the distance (something we’re working towards), our Values are printed on our uniforms (as they’re close to our hearts, the things that are important to us), and our Aims are the obstacles/hurdles we need to work through in order to reach our Vision (represented as playground obstacles).


Our Vision:

A healthy place. A happy place. A safe place. A place where children are excited to learn.


Our Values:






Our Aims:

- to encourage pupils to have a positive attitude towards learning

- to work closely with our parents and the community

- to be a place where everyone is included

- to be a place where everyone respects each other

- to help pupils develop skills for learning, life and work

- to foster healthy and active lifestyles

- to ensure pupils feel supported in their life and learning

- to encourage everyone to show their skills and talents

- to be eco-friendly

- to be fair and caring

- to ensure learning is active

- to encourage pupils to take the lead

- to encourage and listen to pupil voice

- to make school fun


Our curriculum at Park Primary School & ELCC is based upon our school’s vision, values and aims as stated above, ensuring that our learners are at the centre. This enables us to promote a positive culture and ethos for learning which takes into account the entitlements of all learners.