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Our Clans

In Park Primary we have three clans which are named after the islands around the west coast of Scotland: Kerrera, Lismore and Iona. Each year we elect clan leaders (captains, vice captains and members of clan council). Our clan leaders are Primary 7 pupils.

This year our clan leaders are:






Ella & Olly

Hannah & Corey

Nicola & Scott

Vice Captains

Ruby & Ryan

Rebecca & Ruan

Abbi & Brodie


Grace & Kian

Eve & Alistair

Esme & Connor

All clan members work hard to earn points for their clan by following the rules, helping around the school, being kind and supportive to others, being eco-friendly, doing their best in class, etc. At the end of each week clan leaders add up all the points and the winning clan is announced at the school assembly. The winning clan gets to choose activities first during Funtime Friday. For every four wins a clan gets a treat which the clan members choose themselves.

Our clan cup is awarded each year at Sports’ Day to the winning clan with the most points gained over the year.


This session, due to COVID regulations, we have been unable to hold assemblies. However, this has not stopped our clan leaders from delivering good news of points awarded.

See an example of our new assembly format below, with our Clan Captains delivering the news of who has won…

Points are awarded each week for kindness, helpfulness and effort. Top Accelerated Readers each week are also awarded points.