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What to wear and bring

What should my child wear and bring to school?

Pupils can wear school uniforms as normal. Government guidance states that uniforms should be washed as per your normal routine. 

As many of our senior classes change for P.E. in different areas to allow boys and girls some privacy, this can no longer happen. Therefore we suggest that all pupils come to school in sports’ clothing on their allotted P.E. days. This means that your child will require to wear uniform 3 days each week and sports’ clothing 2 days each week. Your child does not need to wear a Park School P.E. kit. They may wear any kind and colour of sports’ clothing (except football strips) e.g. a jumper/hoodie and tracksuit bottoms/leggings with a t-shirt and shorts underneath. 

Please remember that P.E. will be outside so suitable outdoor trainers will be needed, and additional layers will also help. We suggest putting a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag in case they get wet or muddy outside. We will endeavour to ensure that P.E. days are not consecutive so that you have time to wash your child’s sports’ clothing between P.E. days. Alternatively, they may wear different sports’ clothing on their next P.E. day.

P.E. days for each class are:

Primary 1 – Mon/Wed
Primary 2/1 – Mon/Wed
Primary 2 – Tues/Thurs
Primary 3- Mon/Wed
Primary 4/3 – Tues/Thurs
Primary 5/4 – Tues/Thurs
Primary 5 – Wed/Fri
Primary 6A – Mon/Wed
Primary 6B – Tues/Thurs
Primary 7- Thurs/Fri

Just to reiterate…your child should not bring a P.E. kit to school, they should wear their P.E. kit to school on their allotted P.E. days. They will wear these sports’ clothes for the entire day.

Your child may bring a school bag to school. Within this bag they may carry a packed lunch, a reusable water bottle and a pencil case with their own stationery. The school can also provide stationery for your child. Your child must not share any of their belongings with other children. They also should not bring any toys or other personal belongings (outside those listed) to school. We know that many of our older pupils carry phones. This will be allowed, but we will expect all pupils to switch their phones off on entering the school grounds and not switch them on again until they leave school grounds. All school bags should be kept on the floor and should not be rested on desks.

In order to avoid ‘cluster points’ within the school, pupils will no longer hang their coats on their pegs. Coats may be folded into school bags or hung on the back of your child’s chair in their classroom.

We are aware that some children may need to bring additional items to school to address their specific needs i.e. medical equipment or a change of clothing in case of soiling. This is, of course, entirely acceptable. If you have any concerns about this or wish to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher.

Reading and library books will be allowed to travel between home and school. When books are returned, they will need to be placed in a ‘quarantine box’ for 72 hours before being returned to shelves.