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Travelling To and From School

How will my child get to school?

The Scottish Government is encouraging families to use active travel routes i.e. walking, cycling, scooting. Due to the congestion in our school grounds, we would encourage as many of our families as possible to use active travel routes to school, or to park further away and walk, cycle or scoot to school i.e. the carpark at the bottom of the steps, Dunollie shop, or the Corran Halls. Car sharing with other families is discouraged.

Service buses and yellow mini-buses will drop pupils off at the school door, then will then walk round to our playground.

Buses will be cleaned before and after each journey. Pupils should sanitise their hands before getting on the bus – hand sanitiser will be available.

Pupils using service buses and yellow mini-buses will need to wear a face covering to and from school, unless they are under 5 years old or are exempt. If children wear disposable masks, please ensure they have a second mask in their school bag for the return journey. Should your child wear a reusable mask, please ensure they have a plastic bag in their school bag to seal their mask in before using on the return journey. Please encourage children to sit next to their siblings on the bus.

Pupils who take a taxi to school or who are escorted in a taxi must sit in the back seat of the car and wear a face mask, unless exempt.

It would be beneficial for all pupils to carry a packet of tissues and a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them.

On arrival at school, pupils should wash their hands, remove their masks and then wash their hands again. We will regularly remind pupils of government advice on the safe removal of face coverings.

If you choose to drive to school and drop your child off, you can do so at our 2 drop-off zones. Please remember these zones are for quick drop-off only. Parents should not park here and walk their child to school.

Our playground will be sectioned into 10 zones, one for each class. Once pupils arrive, they should head to the playground and wait within their zone. Class names will be attached to railings to remind pupils of where their class should wait. Pupils who are walking should walk up the path to school and wait within their class zone. For younger pupils, parents may wish to walk with them to their zone. Parents can walk up the path to the playground, drop their child off to their zone, then walk around the back of the school building, past the kitchen, along the front path by the carpark then back up the main path again. Signs will show you the way (please visit our ‘Moving Around the School’ page to watch a short video clip).

Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed to wait in the playground with their child, otherwise 2 metre distancing between adults and children cannot be maintained. 

Teachers will bring their classes into school via classroom fire doors at 9am.

How will my child get home from school?

The arrival of our school buses is staggered every morning. However, as all buses arrive at the same time at the end of each day, our end of day routine will need to stay the same. 

  • Pupils who use mini-buses will board from 3:05pm. 
  • Pupil who use the Kerrera Terrace bus will be walked to Kerrera Terrace by a member of staff at 3:05pm
  • Pupils who use the Glengallan and Longsdale service buses will begin to board buses at 3:10pm. 

For pupils who walk home, this will also follow a staggered leave.

  • Primary 1, 2/1 and 2 will walk down the path at 3:05pm
  • Primary 3, 4/3 and 5/4 will walk down the path at 3:10pm
  • Primary 5-7 will walk down the path at 3:15pm

Parents will need to socially distance at the school gate and must wear a face mask at all times. Parents should not need to come on to the school property at the end of the day. 

Cars cause major congestion within our school grounds and our drop-off zones are not pick-up zones. Parents should park outside the school grounds in the carpark at the bottom of the steps or at Dunollie shop and walk to meet your child. Alternatively, you can arrange for your child to walk home or meet you at an agreed place if you trust them to be able to do this.

Please note: the area directly outside our school is residential parking only.