Miss Carney Head Teacher
Mrs Bissett Depute Head Teacher/ Pupil Support Teacher
Miss Verner Acting Depute Head Teacher/ P7 Teacher
Miss MacKinnon P1 Teacher
Mrs Buchanan P2/1 Teacher
Mrs MacLaurin P2 Teacher
Mrs MacKechnie/ Miss Black P3 Teachers
Mrs Crowe P4/3 Teacher
Mrs Danks P4 Teacher
Miss MacInnes P5 Teacher
Mrs Blainey P6/5 Teacher
Miss Kennedy P7/6 Teacher
Mrs Clarke P7 Teacher (Jobshare with Miss Verner)
Mrs Lind Non-Contact Time Teacher
Mrs Smith Pupil Support Teacher
Mrs Green Childcare and Education Worker/ Youth Worker
Mr Guthrie Janitor
Mrs Scott Clerical Assistant
Miss Livingston Clerical Assistant
Mrs MacKinnon Classroom/ASN Assistant
Mrs MacFarlane Classroom Assistant
Mrs Milne ASN Assistant
Miss Johnstone Pupil Support Assistant
Miss Pyper ASN Assistant
Miss Stewart ASN Assistant
Mrs Williamson Pupil Support Assistant
Miss Prosser ASN Assistant
Miss Asher Classroom/ASN Assistant
Miss Kerr Classroom/ASN Assistant
Miss Melville Classroom/ASN Assistant
Mrs Reid Childcare and Education Worker
Mrs Blue Childcare and Education Worker