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Fundraising Group


Moira Logan (Chair), Julie Faulkner (Secretary), Lisa Danks, Alison Kennedy, Sidonia Brunold-Davis, Helen Lawson


Elaine Tosh, Emma Boyle, Tracey Campbell, Emily MacDonald

1.Proposed future use of funds

Alison raised the issue of the poor state of the playground surface which is in need of resurfacing.  P7/6 recently wrote letters to the Council about this and 2 Councillors visited the school and agreed to resurface some areas of playground.  Alison proposed that if we could match the cost it would be possible to resurface more of the playground. It was also agreed that this would be a very beneficial use of some of the funds and a worthy project to raise funds towards.


Alison would try to establish costs for this work and to find out who the Lead Officer is in order to take this forward.

2.Halloween Disco

For P5-7.  (P1-4 will have Valentine’s Disco).  Date to be confirmed.  Possibly Tuesday 30th October, or if not, Thursday 25th October. Entrance fee £2.50, £1.00 for crisps, drink and sweetie.Glow sticks will be sold.


Alison to check with Gillian about using the school on Tues 30th October, and if not we will go for Thurs 25th October

Lisa to check current school stock of glow sticks in case we need to purchase more.

Julie to check prices of crisps, and sweets at Bookers and share with the group on WhatsApp.

Sidonia to check prices of crisps, sweets and Quench Cups at Farm Foods for comparison.

3.Christmas Fair

Need to agree the date avoiding Panto dates and dates of other events.  Need to check with Gillian about the date.

Staff in the kitchen need food hygiene certificates.

Raffle tickets to be printed early and go home with the children in school bags.

Entrance fee adults £2.50, children £1.50.

Possible auction – worthy prizes to be sourced.

Possibly have a donation stand – for cash donations towards the re-surfacing of the school playground.


Moira to check what food hygiene certificate is needed to be helping in the kitchen.

Alison/Lisa to discuss and agree the date with Gillian.

Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 6th November, 6.30pm.

Future Agenda Items – Christmas Fair Planning, Valentine’s Disco, Spring Fair and Sports Day.



Present – (Chair) Moira Logan (ML ), Lisa Danks (LD) Ali Kennedy ( AL) Sidonia Brunold ( SD) Helen Lawson ( HL) Irriani Munoz (IM) and Scott Glen

Apologies –Julie Faulkner, Martina Black(MB) , Jeanieve Lambson, and Susan MacCallum

1. Chair – welcomed everyone in attendance and a warm welcome extended to new members Irianni and Scott. A short explanation was given of the aims of the group- aim is fund raising and is separate to the parent Council.

Some successes were shared – recent success with the donation to help set up the library and noted the requirement for more books to be donated – Action all

Discussion around updating the operating agreement and requirement for audited accounts to be received for an AGM in late August/early September dates tbc.

Playground – AK received feedback from Susan Tyre Education Dept that the cost of works at the playground is £35,000- clarify if that is the total cost of the works and if there is any funding available from the Council so that the fund raising target can be advertised and assist with recruitment of new members with new fund raising ideas to be added to annual calendar.

Currently fund raising events are: June – Sports Day, October – Halloween Disco, December – Christmas Fayre , Feb – Valentine’s disco these are run in collaboration with the school

Ideas for fund raising include car wash, £100 challenge and” take a tin home to fill with change”

Agreed that an annual plan should be created setting out current arrangements and adding any new events to the plan. Any additional events to be done on a planned basis – suggestion to have a launch with clear plan; single campaign identifying target based on quotes , what Council budget is available ( if any ) and nominate a person(s) responsible for applications for any match funding available .

Action – volunteer to create and circulate annual plan for next meeting

Emails collected for group members -email will be used to exchange documents and WhatsApp group for exchanges of information between meetings.

Actions– ML to circulate operating agreement for AGM Date proposed for AGM 16th Sept – tbc by Committee

ML set up email group and circulate minute- complete

Action – could these minutes be forwarded to Jenny /Christine for inclusion on website

Action – all to recruit new members. Note ML standing down at AGM – volunteer to take on role of Chair

  1. Secretary – no matters arising. JF noted apologies and intends to stand down as secretary as soon as replacement available.Thanks, noted to Julie for all the work as secretaryAction All – volunteer to take on role as secretary
  2. Treasurer – apologies received from MBAction: MB balance and audited accounts to be circulated as soon as available and note current balance meantime
  3. Sports Day – 7th June 2019, stand by dated 14th JuneGroup arrange stall selling strawberries and refreshments – outlays are reimbursed at cost , receipt needed for treasurerActions:

    Tasks allocated as follows: Strawberries – ML

    Pancakes – JF

    Squirty cream and sprinkles – SM Crisps -AK

    Water and juice – SB

    Ice Poles- weather dependent – HL Chocolate/ Strawberry sauces – MB

    SG to ask about “mr whippy “ style ice cream

    AK will arrange the letter requesting parent helpers to run the stall ( half hour slots ) and if any high school pupils are available to assist ( supervised by one parent per slot ) reiterate that parents will have the opportunity to see their child race but this requires sufficient parent helpers

    Suggestions to have pupils carrying out a survey at sports day of the views on the state of the playground /number of incidents reported and to mark the potholes etc with chalk or suitable spray equivalent.

    AOCB – no matters arising meeting closed