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Hygiene Procedures

What hygiene procedures will be put in place?

Our hygiene procedures will be greatly increased. 

Pupils and staff will be encouraged to maintain hygiene throughout the day. This means frequent handwashing/sanitising for 20 seconds and drying hands thoroughly afterwards. Pupils and staff will be expected to do this each time they enter the building and before leaving again, before and after eating, and after using the toilet. 

Pupils will be encouraged to avoid touching their faces, including mouth, eyes and nose. Pupils should use a tissue to catch a cough or sneeze and boxes of tissues will be available in all classrooms. There will be signs around the school to remind pupils and staff of these measures. 

Hand sanitising stations will also be available in all classrooms and throughout the school. Handwashing and sanitising supplies will be regularly restocked and help will be given to younger pupils to wash their hands properly. If you would like your child to use their own hand wash/sanitiser or tissues please provide this for your child. They will need to keep their belongings in their schoolbags and not share with anyone else. 

All commonly touched surfaces e.g. door handles, desks, shared technology will be cleaned twice daily. Older pupils will be encouraged to help their teacher take responsibility for this. There will be no movement between desks in the classroom (unless in Primary 1 or 2) and all desks will be cleaned before and after lunch. 

All classroom doors will be wedged open and windows will be opened when possible to allow better ventilation of classrooms and avoid door handles being touched regularly. 

All classrooms will be given appropriate cleaning supplies, including detergents, disposable cloths and anti-bacterial wipes.

We will also have additional cleaning hours during the school day.