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Home Learning

In the event of another Lockdown, what will Home Learning look like?

During this time of uncertainty, we want to reassure you that we will continue to provide learning for your child. 

As we already use Xpressions and email to provide you with weekly or fortnightly information about your child’s learning and suggested home activities, we will continue to use this online platform to provide additional home learning.

We know that your child is probably very unsure of what is happening and this may cause upset at home. The best way to help your child feel safe is with a regular routine. 

Every day during Lockdown, your child’s teacher will provide you with suggested Literacy and Numeracy tasks, along with a list of ‘creative tasks’ each week. This information will be sent to you each evening so that you can prepare for the next day. Once again, you do not have to complete all of the suggested tasks but establishing a routine will help keep a sense of ‘normality’ at this time.

You will be sent a range of documents/worksheets that may be printed (if you have a printer) or they can simply be used for guidance. You can decide how you wish your child to complete each task…perhaps on plain paper, a notebook, through discussion, through active games etc. It is entirely up to you. Your child’s teacher will also send suggested links to games, information, online reading etc. Please note that, should you wish, you may complete additional tasks over and above what has been sent home. Many educational websites are now offering free parent/child subscriptions. Please feel free to browse these sites online. Alternatively, your child’s teacher may point you towards some of these.

As mentioned, we will also provide suggested weekly ‘creative tasks’ to encourage creativity at home. These may be based around construction, drama, art, health and wellbeing, music, social studies’ research.

Please bear in mind that the types of activities each teacher suggests will be based upon your child’s age and stage of development. You may have more than one child who will have different activities…it may be helpful to stagger home learning and adjust your routine to accommodate this, or think about how you could combine similar tasks.

Please also look out for educational programmes like BBC Bitesize.

It is your choice how much home learning you choose to undertake with your child but we would greatly encourage you to continue their learning at home as much as possible, especially as we are all unsure of how long our schools may be closed. Please remember that ‘life skills’ are just as valuable and include many learning opportunities, such as cooking, baking, shopping, budgeting, healthcare, chores etc.

Please bear in mind that someone in your household may become ill during this time, and it is entirely understandable that home learning may not be feasible. With this in mind, we ask that you consider the health of our own teaching staff who may also become ill or may be caring for their own children or relatives who have taken ill. Should this happen, we have processes in place to ensure your child continues to learn, but please be patient with us. We are all in this together and will continue to work hard to ensure your child’s learning continues as best as possible. 

Any messages sent to your child’s teacher via email or Xpressions will automatically go to the school’s inbox. Our clerical staff will endeavour to reply to all messages as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can email your child’s teacher directly (all staff include their work email addresses on home learning activities). 

Google Meet lessons have previously taken place for Primary 4-7 pupils. This will continue (and will include P1-3) should another lockdown happen. Google Meet can be accessed via Glow (intranet for schools) and all pupils will need their Glow username and password. Please bear in mind that Google Chrome is required to access Google Meets. 

We have previously tried to organise Google Meet lessons to ensure siblings do not have lessons at the same time, therefore ensuring only one device is needed. If a device would help at home, please contact the school and we can make arrangements for this.



Park School - COVID Contingency Planning Framework