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It has been an extremely testing time for everyone over the past year. 

At Park Primary School, we are committed to ensuring our children continue to feel safe and secure in our school building and continue to have access to high quality learning activities at home.

After Lockdown 1, we were so excited to welcome our pupils back to Park and created a message from our staff:

Visiting the school

Unfortunately, parents and other visitors will not be allowed in the school building for the time being. If you would like to speak to the Head Teacher or your child’s teacher, please call the school on 10631 563941 and arrange a phone appointment. 

Your child will be allowed to attend appointments within school hours but please phone in advance to let us know of any arrangements so that we can have your child ready for you. Parents may come into the vestibule at the front door and press the school buzzer, but will not be allowed in. Your child will be sent out to you. 

It would be preferable if appointments could be organised for the end of the day to avoid returning to school from another site. However, if your child is to return to school after their appointment, they should enter the school via the front door and follow hygiene procedures. Our office staff will help your child with this. 

Please ensure a mask is worn when picking up your child.

School events and activities

Our regular after-school clubs and lunchtime clubs will not be taking place for the foreseeable future until we are given clearer guidance as to how we can proceed with these. Parents will be informed as to when these clubs will resume.

We will endeavour to provide the same yearly activities and events that our pupils love, where possible i.e. Sports Day, Nativity play, Clan Treats. However, these may need to take place using alternative means.