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What will classrooms look like?

Pupils will remain with their class at all times and will now become a class bubble. As pupils do not need to socially distance, your child will be able to sit at a desk with another child. Desks will still be spaced apart for the time being as our staff need to maintain a 2 metre distance from pupils. 

All resources, which can be easily cleaned, are available for use within the classroom but these will not be shared with other classes. iPads and laptops will no longer be used communally. Each class will be given a small number of devices which will be used by their class only. Pupils will be encouraged to help their teacher clean resources after use. 

As per government guidance, Primary 1 and 2 classes can follow the same model as Early Learning Centres. This means that our Primary 1, Primary 2/1 and Primary 2 classes will be able to use a play based approach. Pupils will be able to use sand and water trays, play dough, soft toys (i.e. resources which cannot be cleaned). These resources will be used by your child’s class only and will not be shared with other classes.